It began when a group of long time friends, playing poker, tossed around the idea of starting a small batch distillery in Lexington, a city rich in distilling heritage. Two of the friends went all-in, establishing their new company in the barreling house of an old Lexington bourbon distillery...

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Distillery Profiles

Jeff Wiseman

Jeff Wiseman - Owner

Jeff attended the University of Kentucky and Georgetown College prior to starting an air freight company which eventually covered most of the eastern United States. He sold the business in 2005 to pursue construction and distilling. He is also the father of 2 boys with his wife of many years, Kathryne. He is a die hard fisherman, fishing the streams and rivers, lakes and saltwater of North America.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright - Owner

Pete spent a year in the back country of the Gambia working in AIDS prevention, is a veteran of the US ARMY (Military Police) and graduated from Davidson College. A neurologist, he earned his Medical Degree at the University of Kentucky, and trained at Wake Forest University before returning to his hometown of Lexington. He enjoys flying planes, motorcycling, boating, and sailing with his lovely wife, Lois.

Robert Downing

Robert Downing - Business Development Director and Operations Manager

Before joining us at the distillery, Bobby attended the University of Kentucky and received an undergraduate degree in Biology. He then attended and graduated from Louisville Law School and is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association. Finally, he returned to the University of Kentucky where he completed his MBA. Bobby enjoys traveling throughout the United States and abroad. He is a music aficionado and avid sports fan; attending concerts and sports events throughout the US. In his spare time at home he enjoys shooting and canoeing/kayaking the streams and rivers of Kentucky.

Clayton Brost

Clayton Brost - Regional Sales Director

After a decade spent slinging drinks across the bar, Clayton has moved to the more friendly daytime hours of production and the distribution of our fine craft made spirits. A true raconteur, flaneur and imbiber, this University of Kentucky graduate studied philosophy and has worked his way through the bars and restaurants of the bluegrass to us. He spends his mornings reading about spirits and wine, with the nights in more active research of them!

Chad Burns

Chad Burns - Assistant Operations Manager and On Site Sales Director

Chad is an enthusiast of living. Everything he does surrounds this common theme, from bettering himself through martial arts to making those smile around him with his infectious laugh and humor. His latest endeavor has brought him to our distillery, where he has enthusiastically enjoyed learning the discipline of distilling fine spirits.

1200 Manchester Street, Building #9 | Lexington, KY 40504
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